About us

The Kuils River Runners Club KRRC is a recently launched athletic club that is already going from strength to strength with local talent such as Shawn Abrahams as Chairperson and Clifford Jacobs Vice Chairperson. The athletic club have specially been established (but all suburbs are welcome) for the Kuils River community.

It is not a secret that all our local neighbouring schools, our community at large, young and old have a dire need for a sporting athletics club. Sport brings communities together, sport unites people.

Our youth is the most vulnerable section in our communities and we are excited how our youth and adults will benefit from the Kuils River Runners Club.

Our vision and mission in short:

  • The upliftment of our youth,
  • keeping them drug free,
  • out of gangsterism,
  • to create and awaken their interest in sport,
  • and to keep our youth active in sports (athletics in particular),
  • to motivate and inspire them.

Our banking details:

  • Bank: ABSA Bank
  • Acc type: Club Account
  • Name: Kuils River Runners Club
  • Acc no: 9353 96 0099
  • Ref: Invoice number or wording to best identify your payment.

Our KRRC leadership

Shawn Abrahams     Clifford Jacobs   Xavier Lewis   Cecilia Maarman



TWITTER:   @KuilsRiverRun
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KuilsRiverRunnersClub 
Website:    www.kuilsriverrunnersclub.org.za
Email:         info@kuilsriverrunnersclub.org.za
Gmail:         kuilsriverrunnersclub@gmail.com